Dan Nolan

Election 2016

Web page screenshot of a FRONTLINE feature: Keys to Their Characters.
Web page screenshot of a FRONTLINE article: Trump Vs. the GOP.

Our interactive work covering the 2016 election aligns with the groundbreaking FRONTLINE films that led up to the November contest and through to the inauguration. FRONTLINE’s reporting and storytelling focuses on the lives and histories of the candidates in The Choice 2016, Barack Obama’s presidency is covered from start to finish in Divided States of America and Donald Trump’s rise to power is explained in Trump’s Road to the White House. On the digital team, our interactive work allows for a deeper understanding of the 2016 candidates and provides unique ways to engage with the films’ content and reporting.

The Choice Branding

Poster for FRONTLINE's The Choice 2016 film.

I created the signature image and title treatment for The Choice 2016 promotional materials. The film takes a deep look at how events throughout the lives of the 2016 candidates have shaped who they are. I wanted the image to be clean and simple but raw. The candidates are facing each other, and the high contrast exposes details in their skin that they’ve earned through their experiences.

Keys to Their Characters

Web page screen shot from FRONTLINE's Keys to Their Characters: Hillary Rodham Meets Martin Luther King Jr.
Web page screen shot from FRONTLINE's Keys to Their Characters: Donald Trump's First Big Counterpunch.

Keys to Their Characters is a collection of stories, each based on an artifact or event from the lives of the presidential candidates. I optimized the experience for the presentation of these artifacts, many of them old photos or documents. The visual presentation strikes a balance between showing the artifacts as physical objects while still adhering to the elegant and minimal style that is the FRONTLINE brand on the web.

Interactive Script

Web page screen shot of Trump's Road to the White House: The Interactive Script.

The Interactive Script for Trump’s Road to the White House is part of an ongoing effort at FRONTLINE to make our journalism more transparent by exposing the extensive reporting that goes into making a film. This interactive allows you to experience the film alongside the text transcript. The transcript provides a quicker way of browsing, viewing and sharing different parts of the film—you can select any sentence to play the video or to share the film from that moment. The transcript also has inline annotations that link to sources and full interviews.

Interactive Script wireframe of the main layout and interface.

Our work was based on an existing tool by Duke University. We reworked the experience and interface especially around the key interaction of selecting any sentence to both view the video and to share it.

Interviews and Oral Histories

Web page screen shot of FRONTLINE Oral Histories: Race in the Obama Era.

The FRONTLINE Interviews for Divided States of America and Trump’s Road to the White House are a collection of text transcripts from original interviews that are used to make the final documentaries. They are an important way to document FRONTLINE’s reporting and they add to the public record of statements from key figures and experts on Presidents Obama and Trump. The Oral Histories from Divided States of America are text pieces that use the original interviews as the raw material to reconstruct key moments or ideas from the Obama years like the GOP opposition and Race in the Obama Era.