Dan Nolan

FRONTLINE Editorial Design

Web page design about the relationships between Israeli and U.S. leaders.
Health supplement interactive about dosages and foods.

I spent most of 2015 leading the redesign of the FRONTLINE website. Since then, I joined the FRONTLINE staff full time and have been designing stories and interactive features on the digital team alongside reporters and technologists. It’s been nearly a year of working through how a user should experience topics like ISIS, opioids and the Syrian war. I’ve collected a few of the smaller projects I’ve worked on below.

The Israel / U.S. Relationship

Web page screenshot showing the design of a feature about Israeli-U.S. relations.

The Highs and Lows of the “Special Relationship” is an article about the historical relationships between U.S. presidents and Israeli prime ministers. I used a full-width image pair to display the leaders and highlight a moment in their relationship as one of “strain” or “solidarity”.

Health Supplements

Icon pattern illustration of health supplement pills and food items.
Health supplement interactive interface for choosing different pills and dosages to see equivalent amounts in food.

Are Health Supplements Too Much of a Good Thing? This article and interactive examines popular over-the-counter vitamin supplements. We looked at how much the dosage amount compares to the recommended daily value and how much food it takes to equal that dosage. I worked on the user experience, visual design, illustration and HTML/CSS.

The Opioid Crisis

Pattern illustration of pill bottles and syringes.

How Bad is the Opioid Epidemic? The goal of this piece was to communicate just how big and how deadly the opioid crisis has become. I took the lead in researching the mortality data, and in shaping the story that became an article with embedded charts and graphics.

Charts and graphs showing heroin and opioid data.

Children of Syria

Children of Syria By the Numbers is a piece that examines key facts about children in Syria that have been affected by the war. I gathered statistics from UN reports and databases. I then translated those numbers into a clear visual language that highlights the effects of war on children in that country.

Illustration showing a map of Syria with icons of children.
Charts showing statistics about children in Syria.

As we do with all visual stories for FRONTLINE, we converted the assets into a graphics package for social media to engage our audience across platforms and drive traffic back to our site.

Animation showing statistics about children in Syria.